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Sabrina Fernandez, also known as "Beeutifullybakedbybrina" is a self-taught baker who has been in business for 6 years. The Puerto Rican Dominican and Italian, raised in Brooklyn but now residing in the Bronx, is an amazing mother of two beautiful Boys. Before she decided to go into the baking profession, she would bake cakes and cupcakes for birthday celebrations in a  daycare she worked in at the time. While teaching children their ABC's she later realized that baking was more of an honor because it put such a big smile on their faces to see the cakes, singing happy birthday and then blowing out their candles. Being a part of making someone's day special, helped her realize she had a greater purpose and baking was her way to do it! After Attempting to make her son's 3rd birthday cake, she blossomed into "Beeutifullybakedbybrina." From then on she started to make beautiful 3-D sculpted cakes. That then led to baby showers, birthday's, 4 tier wedding cakes and more. Sabrina has even donated her services to charity, school events and has even gotten a chance to work with a few well known people in the world. Sabrina's mission is to give her customers 100 percent of her talent so her clients can make beautiful memories for the rest of their lives while baking the world into a better place!

Cake Frosting

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